Because We Care

We use recycled materials for the ongoing production of the range of our products.

We use organic pigments that are free of heavy metals, safe for people and the environment, for dyeing our products.

We have state-of-the-art and extremely efficient machinery to save energy and minimize water consumption. PandaPlast has installed within its factory a state-of-the-art of 700KWp solar power plant that can cover more than 200 homes. It produces 4000Kwp per day, this means our total yearly emission savings are: more than 677 tons of CO2, 19.65 Kg of Nitrogen Oxides, 1.3 Kg of Sulphur Oxides and 1.4 kg of Particulate Matter per year.

We produce items that are recyclable.

We offer a wide range of environmentally friendly products and we produce recycling bins to implement pro-environmental behaviors in their daily lives by themselves.

We focus on product durability to extend the life of individual items that’s where our slogan was derived “Buy once, use forever”.

We motivate our employees by organizing, for example shores cleaning, tree planting specially around our factory surrounded by more than 500 trees.

We have collaborated with more than 70% of municipalities, schools, NGOs to encourage recycling and with the Ministry Of Environment in “Save Our Face” campaign to clean the Lebanese shores. In addition, we never hesitate to participate in social events like marathons, and campaigns.

All our shopping bags are biodegradable.